The Heathens

Dr. Dynamix

Dr. Dynamix is a scientist who has always struggled with social anxiety. In his attempts to invent a supplement to remove his anxiety, he accidentally created a chemical mixture that transformed him into a terrifying monster immediately upon ingestion. However, he retains his superior intelligence when his other side takes over, essentially making him Dr. Jekyll if he kept his PhD when transforming instead of being educationally diminished to Mr. Hyde.

Captain Crooked

Aptly deemed “the terror of the tides,” Captain Crooked is a ruthless pirate whose intense greed causes him to worship gold as idols. He can be identified by his warm-colored clothing, long white beard, eyepatch, pegleg, and prosthetic hook that he has in place of his left thumb.

Ojiro Ohta

Ojira Ohta is the Oyabun (the Japanese term for the absolute leader of a gang) of the fierce Yamaguchi Yakuza clan. His brutality has rightfully earned him the fear-striking reputation as the most influential crime boss in Japan. He's a collector of exotic whips and the finest dames

Axl, the Annihilator

Axl is a notorious warmonger who ravaged almost all of Sub-Saharan Africa. After decades of dominance, his people eventually admonished him for his heinous war crimes and cast him into exile. He remains persistent in his mission to assert control and wreak havoc, and is currently scheming his return to the international stage.

Lady of the Lotus

Being the daughter of the Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, this ethereal femme fatale has been surrounded by magical lotus flowers for her entire life. These magical lotus petals can be ground up and turned into a drink with potent hallucinogenic effects. Per her mother's request, The Lady of the Lotus uses her attractiveness, sensuality, and the otherworldly intoxication of the sacred mud flower to seduce many of the world’s most influential leaders, and gather precious information in the process.

Maxwell Maverick

Maxwell Maverick is a multi-billionaire entrepreneur and A-list celebrity who is attempting to seize political power through expansive public campaigns and the most private of underhanded dealings. Due to his insatiable thirst for power, his grip on the world grows by the hour.

Diamond Desperado

Diamond Desperado is the world’s first cybernetically enhanced cowboy. He  arrives fashionably late to the hotel. He has an astoundingly high bounty on his head, but he lives with no fear thanks to his enhanced reaction time, durability, and technologically advanced gear, including his trusty electronic steed, Spark. After meeting Eliza Electrica and falling for her wooing/electric manipulation, he rebels against the mysterious hotel staff.

Eliza Electrica

A rising star in the criminal underworld, Eliza Electrica has used her superpower, controlling electricity, to become the most renowned jewel thief in the world. She takes a romantic interest in Diamond Desperado, and then uses her abilities to rewire the robotic outlaw for the purpose of exposing the great deception that surrounds the heathens.

The Staff

Malvolio Avatario Nefarius

Sometimes just referred to as M.A.N, Malvolio is the esteemed yet shady owner of the Hotel for Heathens. He calls the salesman to purchase the souls of the 8 heathens, binding them to the hotel’s guest list, which has an intangible power. He serves as a narrator for the album.

Louie the Chef

This plump culinary artist is responsible for preparing the meals for the honorary guests. He can be heard rushing to cook breakfast in track 3: “Louie’s Kitchen

Benson the Bellhop

Benson is particularly loyal to M.A.N. and assists him in narration and keeping notes on the guests. He appears unassuming at first, but if anyone goes against the hotel’s mission, he won’t hesitate to reveal his powerful secret.

Special Thanks to William Koutsos and Nathan Yang!